We Specialize In : Low-Salt Mukhwas, Sugar-Free Mukhwas, Healthy Seeds, Paan Mukhwas & Fine Spieces

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Seeds are full of healthy and poly-unsaturated fats, protein, fiber and vitamins. Our special range of seeds are nutrient dense for you to get abundant benefits.


Mukhwas is colorful and tasty after-meal mouth freshener or digestive. Our exotic range of mukhwas are not only healthy but are also mouth watering. Explore our wide range and fine your favorite mukhwas.

Dried Fruits

Mouth watering delicious aftermeal.


Churan are centuries old ayurvedic digestives mixes which aid digestion. Our crafty mixes not only aid the digestion but are also tasty.

Premix Gravy

Variety of easy to make gravy premixes to make restaurant style dishes.

Komals Home Made

A delicious range of masala / spices & Gravy Pre-Mixs made from exotic fine spices and best quality ingredients. Explore our home made spice range and discover range of new tastes and enhance flavors of your great dishes.